What is neurodiversity in the workplace?


Neurodiversity (ND) is a viewpoint that neurological differences are normal, not deficits. These differences comprise ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism, and Tourette syndrome. In contrast, neurotypical (NT) is neurocognitive functioning within the ‘normal’ standards. The opposite of neurotypical is neurodivergent, combining both in the workplace would be neurodiverse!

Why do we call it neurodiversity (not learning disorder or disability)?

We call it neurodiversity for a few reasons. Learning differences like ADHD, dyslexia (or other variations) cannot be prevented or cured; however, once identified in a child or adult, one can implement strategies to mitigate the weaknesses and highlight the strengths.

Stigma turns to gift

The concept of understanding neurodiversity and accepting the terminology is beginning to change. At Amforus, it is our mission to educate companies on the advantages of hiring neurodivergent candidates. We are advocates of ”neurodiversity” rather than saying a learning disorder or disability, which has such negative connotations. We genuinely believe companies (some do already) will recognize the incredible talents neurodivergent people have and will be a highly sought after talent pool.

What does Amforus do?

Amforus is a neurodiversity hiring platform for candidates with ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and autism (that is our skillset for now)

We consult with companies to educate, highlight, and promote the benefits of including neurodiversity in the workplace and the significant advantages that assess skills and experience rather than degrees or interview techniques. We ensure these companies have a strict inclusivity program that includes individual accommodations, managers, and HR training to enable a successful initiative.

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How Amforus is using a platform to connect candidates with inclusive companies

Amforus, through its extensive approval process, allows companies to post job opportunities on the platform. We help find the most suitable role using our propriety AI/ML software, and extensive experience takes the anxiety out of your job search. After the approval process, both candidates and companies can use the platform to find a suitable match for their needs, without the stress of interview articulation, as the heavy lifting has already been done! We maintain a relationship and have checkpoints to ensure that companies are maintaining the initiative standards.

Benefits of hiring neurodivergent candidates

Neurodivergent people have alternative ways of processing information but do it exceptionally too! Many people with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism have found jobs and excelled in their fields. They think outside the box and are excellent problem-solvers and incredibly creative.

Benefits of using Amforus

Amforus provides a platform that is easy to use. Our staff and services are available at all times and are highly competent. A combination of neurodivergent and neurotypical allows the best possible advice and experience. Many neurodivergent people struggle to find a job they love and thrive, mainly through a lack of diagnosis, embarrassment, and anxiety. It causes them to take jobs beneath their skill sets or roles where they will become bored. During a consultation, we will dig deep and help find a candidate’s goals, passion, skills, talents, and a role they love!


If the candidate has a diagnosis excellent, if not, but suspects, we can refer to a medical professional who will offer competitive costs as part of our agreed network initiative. The employer HR will know the candidate is neurodivergent; it will be up to the candidate if they disclose it to anyone other than the direct manager. 

If we can help anyone, please send us a message, we would truly be grateful.