Most frequent questions and answers

We connect highly talented neurodiverse candidates with inclusive companies. 

Candidates sign up and fill out their skills, preferred role, location, and accommodations if required. Our AI and ML will match you to companies. Either party has the choice to ‘request an introduction’ Amforus will negotiate the initial conversation and all uncomfortable issues thereafter if you would like us to..

Candidates on this platform that have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD, or mild autism at any time in their life are diamond candidates and will be highlighted to companies. Candidates who ‘suspect’ they are neurodivergent are welcome – we will just need to make some more notes. 

We can make recommendations to professionals for an evaluation

We take this incredibly seriously. Companies will go through our vetting process and agree to accommodations and reviews for the candidate to ensure continued success. Amforus can also arrange periodic candidate and company assessments to provide the best possible experience.

The talent pool is endless! – Neurodiverse people can thrive in many industries, including finance, media, technology. The difference with Amforus is we match someone with incredible pattern recognition skills with a company looking to fill AI and ML jobs and not a sales role.

Your choice! We want whatever is easiest for you. A company pays either a percentage of the candidates base salary or a monthly fee option for one or multiple hires.  

No. When you fill out your application you can chose to hide the profile from current employer. 

We can guide you; neurodiverse candidates have to stand out with specific skills. We know.. We have researched and been interviewing for many years. 

Amforus can help to ensure you are being inclusive and have protocols in place. Hiring neurodiverse candidates can mean you might need to train managers.

Please contact us for any suggestions or to learn more.