The founder created Amforus to create a centralized platform that enables neurodiverse candidates, which are some of the most talented individuals in the workplace, to find a job or make a mid-career change without fear of being rejected due to grades that poorly reflect their strengths and ability.

Our goal is to bridge the cultural gap, whereby neurodivergent candidates can apply for jobs with genuinely inclusive companies. Interview criteria and techniques are adapted, and workplace accommodations such as headphones, quiet areas, or working remotely are agreed, and ongoing training.

Both candidates and companies go through an approval process to ensure the highest quality. We remove the headache of sourcing; you build your business.

Amforus People helping

The founder has dyslexia and ADHD, experienced first hand the challenges transitioning from a successful Wall Street career with 20 years of experience running global, highly profitable innovative businesses to becoming a technologist.
Undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD prevented completing college, which ruled out specific jobs. Fortunately, he relied on experience and network.Reflecting on the experience, he studied hiring techniques, criteria, and behavioral neurodiverse analysis. Watching his son demonstrate creativity, test results ignored, and witnessed people who had tremendous coding skills rejected due to poor interview techniques.
How were people without a track record, or exceptional grades, a global network going to secure a job they love? – This is why Amforus was created.