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Amforus is a technology-based hiring platform connecting neurodivergent professionals who have dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or autism to inclusive companies.

Neurodiversity in the workplace advocates

Unlocking Hidden Talent.

Matching Technology

Our matching technology allows you to browse, connect, and get recommended to jobs that match your experience, skills, and needed workplace accommodations

About Amforus

Amforus provide a technology-based platform connecting professionals with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and autism with inclusive companies. We guide candidates through the interview to job acceptance process and can negotiate salary with accommodations for you.

How Does Amforus Work?

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Finding a job or changing careers is challenging, daunting, and frustrating. Skills are not reflected in grades, an employment gap, incomplete college degree, or interview articulation prevents you from advancing your career, time to be proud of being neurodiverse and advance in your career. 

           Allow us to help you find a job you love.



 The neurodiverse talent pool is vastly untapped!!

Partner with us and connect to a pool of extraordinary talent that keyword algorithms and Applicant Tracking Software misses. Grow a successful business by hiring creative thinkers. Amforus works with you on the hiring process and offer a post-hire success enablement program.



Visualize talent through a modern candidate profile.

Our vision is to become the global platform for exceptionally talented neurodivergent professionals to find jobs or new career with trusted companies to unlock their tremendous potential 

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A modern recruiting platform designed around efficiency and transparency.

We educate, train, advise and and promote the benefits of including neurodivergent candidates in the workplace to enable an inclusive, robust, successful initiative.

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Amforus values

Our candidates rely on Amforus to identify, highlight their skills, strengths, and talents and help find a new job or career change that enables them to thrive. 

We meet this commitment by:

  • Working with companies that have neurodiversity programs
  • Provide career opportunities for neurodivergent employees
  • Companies offering an inclusive program
  • Provide accommodation suggestions
  • Advise HR how to incorporate a successful program

How it works

1. Candidate sign-up

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2. Job searching

Amforus algorithms populates jobs that match your profile. If you like a job description we will connect you to the employer.

3. Employer matching

Got a match? That means the employer was searching resumes and has asked to be connected to you via our admin.

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